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Vera Wang

I just came home from New York city last night, and when I saw the news of Vera Wang’s new fragrance and the ad campaign I was reminded of how I loved VW’s apparel at Bergdorf Goodman this past weekend.  Wang’s clothes felt most wearable, very stylish and not ”crazy” expensive.  I feel so connected to NYC having just been there for 5 days.  Below is the article on her new campaign featuring Leighton Meester–who looks so darling in this photo!!

LOVE STORY: It was standing room only at Vera Wang’s Park Avenue apartment as the designer and actress Leighton Meester presented Wang’s latest fragrance, Lovestruck, Thursday afternoon.

Meester appears in print advertising and a TV commercial for the fragrance; both were previewed to editors from around the globe at the event, as was the bottle and its flower-and-tulle-festooned cap. Print ads are slated to begin running in September fashion, beauty and lifestyle magazines in the U.S. The scent is out June 5 at Harrods in the U.K., and will be launched in the U.S. in August. TV is expected for holiday. Carter Smith shot the ads, with Trey Laird serving as creative director.

In both ads, Meester is clad in a maroon couture Wang gown and looks carefree, but Wang insists that was Meester’s acting chops at work: “Everyone else was in three parkas and Leighton is standing there in a strapless evening dress with a very thin fabric,” said Wang, noting that the ad was shot on a particularly frigid winter day on Mercer Street in SoHo. Naturally, this caught the attention of every tourist with an iPhone — but while Wang wasn’t wild about unauthorized visuals floating about, she did appreciate the spontaneous market research. “When I heard tourists saying, ‘ I want to look like her,’ I knew we were right on the money,” said Wang. “There’s nothing like the real client in the street, and I mean the street literally — and in windows literally.”

Meester took it in stride: “I was above it all, literally,” she said with a laugh of her fourth-floor perch on the fire escape where the ad was shot. “So I was just kind of entertaining myself — I did a little singing, did a little dance.”

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