The Florence Bracelet – S


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  • Abeille

    The L’Abeille was established in 1857. The company was originally set up by farmers and vineyard agents in the region to offer hailstorm insurance. L’Abeille is located in Dijon - home and namesake of the famous French mustard. 
  • Aime

    A winery located in Bergheim- a medieval walled town dating back to the early 1300’s-and scene to many witch trials that sent over 40 women to the stake. Featuring twin griffins; the ancient symbol of divine power and a guardian of treasure and priceless possessions.   
  • Cheval

    Cheval is the French word for horse. Throughout history, France was host to many horse races and today, the hors
  • Cheval Cross Stack

    Cheval is the French word for horse. Throughout history, France was host to many horse races and today, the horse race demanding the largest international following is the Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe, with a prize of $5.2 million.
  • Croix

    Created for the town of Croix in the Nord department of northern France, this medallion was used as a congratulatory gift.
  • De La Ville

    Originally a medal given to winners of a cross country race in the city of Sceaux, it’s center holds a sacred heart. The sacred heart emblem represents Jesus Christ’s physical heart, and his divine love for humanity.
  • Drago

    Believed to have lived in fire and representing patience and justice, the salamander was often used in heraldry; a system of identification developed to help distinguish fully armored knights on the battle and tournament field.
  • Indochine

    A medal awarded to French soldiers who participated in the Indochina Campaign: the struggle against the Japanese occupiers of the Southeastern Asia peninsula during World War II. The crown on the medal indicates it is Royal in nature.
  • Lace

    Designed for the Department of the Agriculture, the Liberty figure represents the motherland, honoring those that toiled long and hard in the fields cultivating soil, nurturing crops and raising livestock.
  • Moillard

    Maison Moillard gained prominence in 1850 after a meeting between Symphorien Moillard and a Belgian notary. Moillard’s daughter inherited the company after he was killed on a tour of duty with the French army. A sixth generation Moillard runs the business today.
  • Pointu

    Originally used as a page holder for Notre-Dame Cathedral, this casting is topped with a Fleur de lis and and features the iconic Parisian landmark’s initials emblazoned below a crown.
  • Rex

    Created for a clothier in Selestat, a royal residence during the Carolinian dynasty. Adorning the image of Louis XIV and the title Rex Christianissimus, which was the hereditary and exclusive title given the Kings of France by the Catholic church.
  • Saint Michel

    Created as a keepsake from Mont St. Michel in Normandy, this medallion features St. Michael, the leader of all angels in the army of God. Responsible for escorting the faithful to heaven at their hour of death, he is invoked for protection. He is also the patron of soldiers, police and doctors.
  • Saumur

    Located in the Loire Valley, the elegantly bourgeois town of Saumur is the town that Coco Chanel was born in! It is also the home to the French Cavalry.
  • Voyageur

    Created for Pigeon Voyageur, a specialty clothing store in the city of Ville De Pontault known for outfitting the outdoorsman, traveler and athlete.

This bracelet features our statement Bevel chain and our exclusive FK Bee pendant. Absolutely beautiful all by itself or paired with our other designs.

  • Important to know: Our Bevel chain is the one chain in our line based in Aluminum not Brass. This keeps the chain bold in statement, but light in weight. It is still double plated in Sterling Silver and oxidized for a vintage feel, same as every other component in our line.
  • Bracelet Length: 8”
  • Each piece of French Kande is handmade in our Los Angeles studio by Californian artisans.
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Jewelry care and warranty

French Kande is plated in sterling silver, gold and brass, all hand-finished by California artisans. Many feature color variations and blemishes that contribute to their one-of-a-kind aesthetic. Keep your Kande dry and free of oils and fragrances to maintain the finish's integrity. Should it patina over time, use a polishing cloth to revive its luster. Do not use cleaners or polishing compounds as it will remove the oxidation resulting in a brightened, shiny finish.